Thursday, November 13, 2008

home sweet home

assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera..
it's been a long time since my last post...
well just say that im busy and tired because i'm just got home...
my journey home was smooth as i want to...
this is my story about my journey home
Tuesday 11th November 2008
630 am
woke up from my soon as i woke up, i took a solat.
my sis just called me to make sure im awake that time.i asked her to do that...
then im start to revise a few thing and got ready for final..

i went to block V to take my final paper which is fluid mechanics.kinda nervous because it was the last paper.

most of the student went out already and im out too.waiting for mazia.after that we went back but she had to meet pn Ida before that i took time chatting with my classmate, sue and iz well next semester i wont be in the same class with them.then on the way went back, we meet syazwan and ilham.they didnt had any work other than teasing me.pity me knowing them. (jangan marah ye kamu berdua)

just back to my the laptop.then im doing some cleaning in my place.really really tired.then i'm packing all my stuff into my backpack.ida, my roomates wanted me to took shower first before me.and fazliana and fathiyyah was busy studying.they had another paper and fazliana had a paper that evening.izyan then messaging me.told me she already in her room.i wanted to gave her her birthday present.then we met at the watershop downstairs.and i went back and took a bath.

called the bus person.wanted the bus driver to take me at Gambang because my bro only wanted to took me there.said goodbye to fazliana because she had to go to her exam.

sms my bro that i out to the bus stop.bade goodbye to my two roomates and wish them luck for their final bag was soo heavy.took back alot of clothes.then met kak Ema on the way.bade her goodbye but i wonder how she knew i got a brother here.then there was a guy he just stayed at the corner of the library block.i thought he's waiting for someone but he actually waiting for me :-P.well he wanted to help me to carry my first i said no but he insist to do it.well finally i gave up.he asked me if i won the MPP election,i said no.well its not really my rezeki there,then after he putted my bag at the bus stop i said thanks.well not much guys as gentelman as him.hihihihihi.

my brother just came to pick me up.went with him to Gambang waiting for the bus to arrived.gave my bro the handphone and also asked him to buy me some food because i hadnt had my lunch yet.

bus big bro help me carry my bag.then i went up to the bus.sms to my sis told her im in the bus.dont want the raya thing happen again.

arrived at Muadzam.i thought many passanger will went up.but no passanger there.seome empty this bus.take a nap

arived at Segamat.the auntie that sat beside me got out.its her destination.the i had the oppurtunity to sat alone.hihihihiihi.then when the bus move,my dad called.i talked to him i wanted him to take me in front of Jasin Police station.sleep tight...

arrived at Tangkak.SMS to my sis.told her i will be out at Jasin Police station.

went to the front with all my will.told the driver to stop at the police station.then we arrived there.i went out.the co-pilot opened the bag luggage and i took my bag.he said that i had a big bag.then he asked me to be careful because the drain was near at my back.

my bro just arrived.i was mad because he's late and im walking to the other side of road.

home sweet home.i perform my solat because it already late.then watching television with my familiy members,really miss television.hihihihihi

went to my room and sleep.huwa sooo tired.hope my day will be bright.cant wait to meet up my old friends.yi pie...

a new quote:-
everyone had their own charm to make themselves special, so be yourselves because yourselves is special than others

Sunday, November 9, 2008

final paper and going home....

assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera..
well tomorrow was my last paper for this final exam.well a but nervous about it but still im quite happy because i will go home tomorrow.seeing my hometown make my heart jump.well goodbye this semester.hope my pointer will increase this semester.

my fluid mechanics book

my quote for today :-
nobody doesnt make a mistake but everybody have to learn from it.

kepada bloggers UMP sekalian...

assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera...
kepada semua bloggers UMP terutama yang mempunyai friendster, moh lah ke link ni:-

join group nie untuk mempopularkan korang punya blog.abg aku ada projek baik untuk semua bloggers UMP nie.okay chaus..

new quote:-
masih ada yang sayang walaupun kita rasa macam tak ada orang yang sayang.

final exam mode

assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera...
it's been a week since my last post.
well what to do last week was my final exam paper.
got 3 paper last week :-

material and energy balance -man that was really2 tough questions.5 difficult question in 3 hours.its not question for 20 marks.well i didn't target much.

biochemistry - least favorite exam.i love to learn bio but i definitively didnt like to memorize a lot.well at least i manage to answer it.i dont know whether it correct or not because i never check it back.

chemical engineering thermodynamics - well the subject that have so much equation that make me sometimes lost track which equation i want to use.that why we allowed to bring our reference book inside the exam i hate it because at last minutes i realize that im doing a wrong equation.sad man.

well that's all for my exam.i got one paper to go, fluid mechanics.i hope and pray i didnt do the same mistake as i do in test 2.well pray for my success dear friends.and after thisi will end my semester and will go back to my home sweet home.see you in the next post.
im also want to wish good luck for my friend in UMP and others U.

new quote :-
never look back at what already happen but be prepared on what's been waiting for us by using all the knowledge and experince from the past.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

salah pilih priority

assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera...
dalam tekanan nak final ni nak buka satu isu iaitu salah pilih priority...
tentu benda ni bukan satu benda yang pelik dalam hidup kita kan...
kadang-kadang sesiapa saja boleh salah pilih priority ataupun dipanggil keutamaan...
pilih belajar ataupun kerja-kerja berbangkit...
assignment ataupun tugas dalam aktiviti-aktiviti lain...
tidur ataupun study....
pakwe ataupun kawan...
dating ataupun jumpa kawan siapkan kerja....
balik rumah ataupun stay kat U...
keluar dengan kawan-kawan ataupun keluar dengan mak ayah...
erm dalam dunia ni banyak pilihan..
kalau salah buat pilihan kelak merana...
dalam buat pilihan kita kena pilih siapa/apa priority kita...
jangan main redah aja...

apa-apa pun bak kata nabil

today quote :
janganlah hanya memikirkan kepentingan sendiri tanpa memikirkan hati dan perasaan orang lain kerana orang yang pentingkan diri sendiri akan kehilangan segala-galanya pada akhirnya